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January 20, 2013
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Art made by :iconheartxsurgery:heartXsurgery ( Original picture >> Go favorite that one too if you could. <3 )
(Might update this bio a lot.)
Credit goes to Chrissy for styling most her clothes. c:

EDIT: Gave her an optional collar. |D I have a collar fetish lmaooo.

Full name: Erin Amanda Brooks
Pronunciation: Air-En
Nickname(s): ...Erin
Gender: Female
Species: Coyote
Age: 18
Birthday: September 19th
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Atheist
City or town of birth: British Columbia, Canada.
Currently lives: Vancouver.
Languages spoken: English.
Native language: English
Relationship Status: Taken by Cyanize's character Venus.
Occupation: DJ


Height: 5'3"
Weight: 63.5029 kg ( 140 lbs )
Figure/build: Curvy/chubby
Hair colour: Naturally auburn, dyed dark-ish turquoise
Hairstyle: Short/Side Swept (Messy most of the time due to partying, sometimes straightens, or curls it.)
Skin/fur/etc colour: -
Skin: Tan
Fur: Brown/Tan

Tattoos: Five star tattoos on her left shoulder.
Piercings: Septum piercing, plugs, one star bar piercing on left ear. (Can wear any other piercings as well.)
Scars/distinguishing marks: Scars on her back. (From hunting.)
Preferred style of clothing: Tank Tops/Shorts/Skinny jeans.
Frequently worn jewelry: Can wear any! Likes bracelets and necklaces.


Smoker? Sort of. ((only marijuana/cannabis,,, she has a collection of bongs lmao))
Drinker? Yes.
Drug User? Yes.
Addictions: Slight addiction to cocaine, huge addiction to caffeine.
Allergies: Fish, Bees, and Cats.
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Slight case of schizophrenia.
Any medication regularly taken: Haldol Decanoate IM


Personality: Erin is a kind and caring person, she loves to help people in need and usually will help someone even if they aren't close to her. Erin doesn't have very many friends, however, due to her being so /loud and a bit obnoxious/. The friends she DOES have however she cares for them as if they were her sister/brother.
Erin is a /do it herself/ type of person, she likes helping peoples, but doesn't really like it when others try and help her. Erin loves interacting with large groups of people, since she gets bored very easily. Some downsides to Erin's personality is like I said, she can be very loud and a BIT to caring at times, so it makes people seem as if she is clingy/crazy.
She doesn't care what other people think of her, though.
Erin is also a very well organised person. It sometimes turns into an obsession, which also drives people to think she's some sort of freak.
She can be a BIT too confident and /high and mighty/, so to speak. (Sorry if that's not all personality traits and whatnot, I got a little off topic.)

Likes: Parties, loud music, friends, dancing, singing, playing video games, bowling, ponies, grimdark things, hunting, gore/blood.
Dislikes: Being alone, depressing people, cats, dull colours, Alex, children, slow songs, being sad/down, not having any fun.
Fears/phobias: Clowns, and bats.
Favorite colour: Blue, green, and pink.
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, and DJing.
Taste in music: Mostly listens to dance music, including techno/dubstep/trance, stuff like that...Also likes post-hardcore and pop-punk, but doesn't listen to it very much.


Talents/skills: Erin is a DJ.
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Mhm.

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Carnivore.
Favorite food(s): Any type of meat mostly..
Favorite drink(s): Monster/Rockstar, Vodka.
Disliked food: Fish/Crab.
Disliked drinks: Anything diet.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Mostly peaceful, but if you get her mad, then she is a bitch aha.
Fighting skills/techniques: She has a black belt in kickboxing.
Special skills/magical powers/etc: Electricity, very rare for her to use it, however.
Weapon of choice (if any): Daggers
Weaknesses in combat: She can't run very fast, causing her to get caught a lot.
Strengths in combat: She has a good amount of stamina and determination.


Parents names: Alana the Coyote ( Erin's dad divorced her mom. )
Are parents alive or dead?: Her mom is alive, she hasn't heard or seen of her dad since she was just an infant.
Is the character still in contact with their parents?: She lives with her mom.
Siblings?: Hunter the Coyote [ heavishake's character. (Sister) ]
Savanna the Coyote [ unmei-no-tamashii's character (Sister) ]
((Tell me if you have a character that I said could be her sister/cousin/etc, I kind of forgot.))
Children: //None
Best Friend: Lexi [ heavishake's character ], Dawn (mechanical-brides.deviantart.c… )
Enemies? Why are they enemies? Alex...She hates Alex with a burning passion..No real reason why however.


Erin usually spends her time at parties, throwing parties, or DJing. She rarely ever stays inside by herself. (If she is, she's usually making/playing music.)
She likes to go hunting a lot.
Usually very loud, due to her bad hearing. (Loud music = bad hearing.)
She has long legs.
She has sharp canine teeth.
She has a tongue piercing. ( Can be any colour, mainly is rasta colours.  Red/Yellow/Green striped.)
She has a very long, fluffy tail.
Her headphones can be ANY colour, or any style. (Example >> )

You don't have to ask me if you want to draw her~ Go right ahead. uvu Just give me credit. c:

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TheOfficialBlazie Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student Artist
*fighting daggers not kitchen ones pff- sorry //smacks self
TheOfficialBlazie Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student Artist
Ffwee- I have a quick question about her if you don't mind?? 'o'

But what kind of daggers does she use? Like simple kitchen daggers or is there a reference of better ones? lol I just feel like drawing her in some sweet knife stance haha--
if that's I mean okay qvq
I dunno if she has designed daggers or anything cool you wanna use if I drew them--
TheBIackCrown Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TheOfficialBlazie Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student Artist
Ah thank you! nvn I'll get working then
soniclover63 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
She's a very cool character! I love that she's a coyote c: 
TheBIackCrown Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    sdfjksa thank you so much <33
soniclover63 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Chu are welcome. ^-^
PasteIic Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Very unique character. I like the colour palette a lot. You clearly put a lot of effort into her. Nice job<3
TheBIackCrown Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    thank you so much <33
CELESTlCA Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really need to draw her sometime :> I really love her design *V*

(also not trying to be rude/nit picking but she would be more than chubby/curvy, her height and weight would be overweight)
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